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Gorilla Trades

Is the Gorilla right for You?

Reviews | GorillaTrades GorillaTrades.Com is a well-marketed service for traders. You may have seen their TV ads. Their website is slick, easy to navigate, and does a good job of describing the service.

Take a look at this Portfolio Buzz Review to see if the Gorilla is right for you!
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Gorillatrades.com is a stock action system for traders. It is not oriented to long term investors. However, it is also not a “day-trading” system. Most recommendations result in holding stocks for weeks, not hours or days. It works within the generally accepted framework of “buy at a trigger price”, establish a “stop-loss target” (to protect traders on the downside), and sell at pre-established target(s) to ensure that profits are actually realized.

The “Gorilla” is described (on the site) as being a real person:

“The personal experience of ‘the Gorilla’ is quite impressive. This master investor behind GorillaTrades maintains a network of financial insiders gathered throughout his 25 years in the Industry… [He] developed his proprietary formula using 14 different technical indicators, and used signals generated by his system to turn $250,000 into $5,500.000 in just 18 months”

The site also teases the potential subscriber by describing 12 of the 14 technical indicators that go into the Gorilla’s formula: MACD, Volume, Moving Average, Money Flow, OBV, Volume/Price Trend, Volatility, Volume Oscillator, SK-SD Stochastic(s), Relative Strength Index, Accumulation/Distribution, and Velocity.

Historic results, as described on the site, appear to be quite impressive.

The site charges a subscription fee.
Overview | GorillaTrades
GorillaTrades Strengths
The underlying concept of GorrillaTrades is to provide a good service and then “market” it like crazy. The website joins GorrillaTrades advertising on TV in power-marketing the service.

The Website is easy to navigate and has a “slick” look and feel.

There is an excellent on-line tutorial to help subscribers use the system effectively.

Recommendations are emailed daily to ensure that subscribers are aware of recent stock movements and signals. Included in the emails are answers to specific FAQs to ensure that subscribers understand what recommendations actually mean and how to act upon them.

Potential subscribers can register for a 30 day free trial to test how well the system works for them.

As reported by Gorillatrades, historic results have been excellent if every GorillaTrades recommendation was pursued in a specific manner. However, potential subscribers should realize that how they use the service and how they react to different recommendations will affect their own personal results. Further, historic results do not guarantee that future recommendations will yield the same kind of return.
GorillaTrades Strengths | GorillaTrades
GorillaTrades Strengths
GorillaTrades Weaknesses
Let’s face it, GorillaTrades is a silly name. They loudly proclaimed in TV ads that it is a silly name but a serious service. Nevertheless, at times the “marketing” hype seems to overcome the seriousness, which can put off some potential subscribers. For example, while a lot of fun, it doesn’t seem very helpful to have pictures of the Gorilla or videos of GorillaTrades TV ads on the website. Finally, while promoted differently, it is not possible to pay for your subscription in bananas!

It is also disappointing that the “master investor” behind the service is not named. While adding to the marketing mystery, it does not help to validate the underlying effectiveness of the service. It is also disappointing to have two of the technical factors hidden from the subscriber. Knowing all the factors wouldn’t allow an outsider to replicate the service without also knowing the formula for using those factors. Making trades based on a “black box” formula may not be acceptable to some traders.

Potential subscribers should also realize that Gorilla recommendations appear to be based only on technical factors, not company fundamentals or recent/impending company news. The buzz around GorillaTrades is that using it in conjunction with Investor’s Business Daily or VestorVest or some other stock evaluator may be the most effective way to make investing decisions.

Finally, there is some discussion in cyberspace around how GorillaTrades presents its results. Some claim that the way they account for trades (based on the Gorilla’s recommendations) cannot be replicated by traders. Investing Buzz thinks it’s a relatively harmless issue unless you are nearly a day-trader and buy and sell in days, not weeks/months.

If you want to see a long, technical and interesting discussion of this issue, then link to the following Blog:

Illiteratewithrawal Website

GorillaTrades Weaknesses | GorillaTrades
GorillaTrades Weaknesses
Portfolio Buzz Summary of GorillaTrades.Com
GorillaTrades.com is a slick, well-designed website with a real and apparently effective service offering. The website is a little long on marketing and a little short on serious, comprehensive trading advice/statistics/company information/etc., which may not fit with some investors’ styles. Nevertheless, it may very well be worth the subscription fee.

Input from cyberspace indicates that one popular way to use the service is in conjunction with other services such as specific brokerage analyses, VestorVest, Investor’s Business Daily, etc. Almost all serious users indicate that an investor will still need to make decisions which require serious homework. Just taking the Gorilla’s advice and running with it is probably not a good strategy.

We certainly recommend going to the site and, if it is still offered, registering for the 30 day free trial. It may turn out to be the perfect service for you!

Visit The Gorilla: Offical GorillaTrade.Com Website
Portfolio Buzz Summary of GorillaTrades.Com | GorillaTrades
Portfolio Buzz Summary of GorillaTrades.Com
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